Sim4Blocks Simulation supported real-time energy management in building blocks

Acronym Sim4Blocks
Start date 01/04/2016        End date: 31/03/2020
Program H2020 Grant Agreement ID: 695965 View Cordis file card
Subprogram Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint by smart and sustainable use

Sim4Blocks is a four-year, EC-funded project that focuses on the development of innovative demand response (DR) services for residential and commercial applications. The project combines decentralised energy management technology at the blocks-of-buildings-scale to enable demand response.


Sim4Blocks aims to maximise the use of renewable energy at the block of buildings scale through demand response

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The solution

Demand response essentially changes how electricity is consumed from users switching on whenever we want and expecting the supplier to meet that demand to taking more control about when we use electricity and switching on when there is higher capacity. In other words, using power when the wind is blowing. Demand response programmes encourage users to do this by offering lower bills. By reducing peaks of electricity demand, we can reduce the cost of electricity production and these savings can be passed on.

Meanwhile demand response also enables the better integration of renewable energy supply into existing energy networks, thus helping to meet those EU 2020 targets.

By developing DR technologies that operate in blocks of buildings rather than individual homes, Sim4Blocks will maximise impact of more efficient electricity consumption, while also promoting local storage of electricity from renewables at the same scale for use when demand does peak.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programm

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