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BEE Group provides technical and research support for optimizing Demand Response in building blocks

The growing share of variable renewable energy necessitates flexibility in the electricity system. Integration of flexible energy generation, demand-side participation and energy storage systems provides infinite possibilities in the field. BEE Group develops innovative demand response (DR) services for smaller residential and commercial customers. We also implement and test these services through projects like Sim4Blocks or FlexCoop in real pilot sites and transfer successful DR models to customers.

Our focus is to specify the technical characteristics of the demand flexibility that will enable dynamic DR. We also provide optimal use of the DR capability in the context of market tariffs and RES supply fluctuations. In this sense, we develop and implement market access and business models for DR models offered by blocks of buildings with a focus on shifting power to heat applications and optimization of the available energy vectors in buildings.

Demand Response in buildings

BEE Group develops technologies to maximize impact of more efficient electricity consumption, optimize use of renewable at the same scale for use when demand does peak. The solutions takes data driven models to manage user behavior according to energy generation and prices through monitoring, analysis and validation of DR algorithms.

Of quality criteria for DR monitoring in block of buildings.
Of the system architecture and evaluation methodology of DR.
Of system performance with optimization of developments and procedures to improve system use.
Of data management structure for monitoring and remote interactions.
The impact of DR solutions with respect to energy, costs and user acceptance
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Research projects

EKATE Shared photovoltaic electricity & shared self-consumption - CIMNE BEE Group
Photovoltaic Electricity and Shared Self-Consumption Management

EKATE will demonstrate and develop efficient and intelligent electricity management services through photovoltaic renewable energy generation and self-consumption sharing, using “Blockchain” and “Internet of Things (IoT)” technology.

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Sim4Blocks Residential demand response - BEE Group CIMNE
Simulation supported real-time energy management in building blocks

SIM4BLOCKS develops innovative demand response in buildings services for smaller residential and commercial customers. The services are implemented and tested in three pilot sites and transferred successful DR models to customers of Project partners in further European countries.

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Democratizing energy markets through the introduction of innovative flexibility-based demand response tools and novel business and market models for energy cooperatives

FLEXCoop is based on end-to-end Automated Demand-Response (DR) Optimization Framework. The aim is to enable the realization of novel business models.  Allowing energy cooperatives to introduce themselves in energy markets under the role of an aggregator.

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