Energy is essential in our lives and we care about it.

The Building Energy and Environment Group (BEE Group) is an autonomous department of the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) involving over 20 researchers (Physics, Engineering, ICT, Environmental Science and Statistics specialists). It was founded in 2001 and has two main offices, one in the GAIA building of the UPC Campus in Terrassa and the other in the CREA building of the University of Lleida.

BEE Group meets the challenge of employing our knowledge and experience to help users to get the best possible use out of the energy that they consume.

We collaborate with leading research centers and build bridges between companies, users and researchers.

Our R&D activities are focused on:

  • Demand-Response in buildings: Developing technologies to maximize the flexibility of the electricity networt while optimizing the use of Renewable Energy Sources in urban environments.
  • Energy empowerment & User behavior: Help energy users to save energy by positively manage their energy consumption with new developments to understand their behavior and performance.
  • Big data analytics for energy efficiency in buildings: Development of data driven models to get insights of the energy performance of huge amounts of buildings in real operation conditions.
  • Small and medium scale bio digesters: A comprehensive work about design, implementation and installation of domestic and industrial bio-digesters, adapting to simple technologies in cold climates. More than 2000 bio digesters have been installed in Latin America.
  • Energy Positive living: Working actively to raise the awareness of the trend towards near zero and energy positive buildings; towards the time in the near future when buildings will produce as much or more energy than they consume.

“We scout the science world looking for knowledge and inspiration”

Developing better building energy management by improving precision, providing faster response, setting up adaptive and predictive control and making buildings more responsive to users’ requirements and wishes.

Making energy data more useful to professionals and companies by reducing cost and increasing applicability and reliability through Big Data Analytics, personalized energy services and adaptive visual interfaces and mobile applications.

Making energy data more friendly to building users by selecting the most relevant information, by making control more appropriate and by personalising the experience.

Technology Transfer

A long journey since 2001 in which we have earned a wide experience in science and knowledge by participating in more than 41 national and international research projects that has carried on a trade to emerge two new business “start ups”. 


Besides the activities in applied research, BEE Group has an active line in Consultancy and assessment to municipalities and facility owners to enhance their sustainable urban development.

This is centred in the commercial Software as a Service Platform for energy management of non residential buildings (SIE) , an energy management service enabling auditing, monitoring and control energy consumption in private and public buildings and public lighting systems.

It is implemented in over 6000 public buildings and 250 municipalities.

In 2012, in collaboration with RSM Gasso, BEEGROUP set up an energy services company, Inergy to commercialize SIE and further software developments.


Open Source license Agreement EUPL V.1.1. Registered in 2016 at


For the years 2015 to 2017, BEE Group has been developing a BiG Data platform able to offer services to Energy and Water Trader companies.

It was called BEE Data Between 2015 to 2017 the commercialization of these services started in the modality of Software as a Service. 4 electricity trader companies from Spain and Uruguay signed contracts to offer these services to their clients.

In November 2016, BEE Group was awarded to participate in the Clean Tech Camp 2016 to receive assessment in the business plan of a new start up company. The Kick Innoenergy Venture Capital selected BEE Data as one of the teams to be included within its entrepeneurs accelerator.

In July 2017 the new company BEE Data Analytics S.L. was created with the participation of CIMNE, 10 researchers and 1 independent partner.

In October 2017, The Kick Innoenergy Venture Capital has become partner of BEE Data Analytics.


The Building Energy and Environment Group (BEE Group) collaborates with national and international companies and institutions. As BEE Group, we understand that the goals and challenges we face could be achieved better if companies that are sensitive to the needs of society and researchers who develop cutting-edge innovations work together.

Consultance and Architecture
Aiguasol Sccl, Pich Aguilera Architects, Empirica, Belit, Zafh, Agency 9, Ramboll, Energea, Ecoestudi, Gisce, Saas, Hespul, Rsm Gassó, Sinergie, Alec, Powerlink

Utility companies
Elèctrica Sollerense, Iren, Geg, Linz, Energimidt, Factor Energía, Nexus, Som Energía

International and NGOs
Svn, Fact Foundation

Prefabricats Pujol, Bdr Thermea, Isofoton, Daikin, Hydrobuilding Systems, Technal, Afeisa

Research Centers and Universities

Upc, University Of Lleida, University Of Granada, De Monfort University, University Of Belgrade, TUW, Bdigital, Bsc, Irec, Eupv-Eh, Joint Research Center, Ciemat. Instituto Eduardo Torroja De La Construcción, Aicia, Grupo Termotecnia-University Of Sevilla, Corporación De Desarollo Tecnológico (Chile), Facultad De Ingenieria De La Universidad Mayor De San Andres De La Paz (Bolivia), Universitat Rovira I Virgili. University of Modena, Institut Tecnològic De Lleida, Nkua (Greece), Nobatek (France), Eurac, Universidad De Málaga. Departamento De Máquinas Y Motores Térmicos, Technology Energy Building Environment Of Politecnico Di Torino, Politecnico Di Torino, Escola Sert, Zafh, Dtu-Department Of Applied Mathematics And Computer Science, Universitat De La Salle


Social Housing Companies
Incasol, Forum, Casa Qualità, Hmp

Public Institutions
Icaen, Departament De Territori i Sostenibilitat, Reggio Emilia City Council, Manresa City Council, Lleida City Council, Diputació De Lleida, Cilma, Diputació De Girona, Alem, Eve, Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (Giz) Gmbh, Fundació Tarraco, Gtz, Municipality Of Bar (Montenegro), Apse-University Of Lleida.


In Lleida we manage an experimental facility for testing of Ventilated Double Skin PV (VDSPV) façades.


TRE-L (Test Reference Environment – Lleida)
Is composed by three elements used for performing PV module testing under different stress environmental conditions.

LOT (Lleida Outdoor Test)
Is an isolated booth provided by a type of VDSPV façade structure and a climatic control system and air capturing, it is used for performing VDSPV façade testing in real scale and weather conditions.

Main objective of the test facility
The Lleida Outdoor Test cell (LOT) [1,2] is a full-scale test facility for the comprehensive study of the energy performance of ventilated double skin facades in outdoor conditions. High quality data sets from the tests may be used for evaluation and modelling purposes.

The installation allows for the analysis of the effect of the air gap width, air flow regimes and materials of the façade. It is also prepared for the detailed analysis of double skin integrated PV systems and their with HVAC systems.

The façade may operate under natural and forced ventilation and the effect over the building is measured in a well-controlled test cell.

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