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BEE Group research in energy consumer empowerment to help users to get the best possible use of the energy they consume

Energy consumer empowerment has been one of the biggest challenges of energy utilities and administrations. Empowering consumers and energy awareness is considered one of the key factor in order to meet the terms of the energy transition towards a more sustainable and efficient world.

BEE Group has been developing energy empowerment services to end-users since 2009 in different International projects like Empowering, Encerticus and Beca. During recent years, our focus has been on the development of short/mid-term energy forecast models, energy use optimization or energy savings evaluation.

Energy consumer empowerment & user behavior

BEE Group helps energy users to save energy by positively manage their energy consumption with new developments to understand their behavior and performance.

Development of data driven user behavior models with the aim of defining the occupancy and user activity pattern.

  Technology transfer  

In July 2017 the new company Beedata Analytics S.L. was created with the participation of CIMNE, 10 researchers of the BEE Group and Innoenergy.

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Beedata works to solve one of the biggest challenges in the energy sector: benefit from data and bring energy companies closer to the consumer.

The quality of information provision to empower citizens to participate more actively in their energy expenses.
Data driven user behavior models with the aim of defining the occupancy, user activity patterns and energy consumption forecasts.
Business Intelligence
For energy companies to manage and take advantage of data provided by smart meters and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.
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Finished projects

Beedata Analytics S.L.

Since 2017
Customer engagement and business intelligence tools for energy retail and distribution companies


2016 – 2019
Reducció Energètica i Flexibilitat en Edificis en Rehabilitació


2013 – 2016
Empowering customers to save energy by informative billing


2013 – 2015
Energy Certification, Technology, Information and Communication for User Satisfaction


2011 – 2013
ICT services for resource saving in social housing

Saving Energy in Social Housing

2010 – 2013
Over 5,000 tenants were provided with EAS and EMS services across ten pilots in six countries

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