White papers

  • ZEBRA 2020. Energy Performance Certificates around Europe

    THE IMPACT OF ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATES ON PROPERTY VALUES AND NEARLY ZERO-ENERGY BUILDINGS An analysis for market professionals, owners and tenants Buildings account for 40% of energy consumption in the EU, making the building sector the singl...
  • Empowering project, lessons learnt and recommendations

    Empowering project Lessons learnt and recommendations The implementation of advanced billing information is relatively new in Europe and its adoption by the utilities is not without difficulties… Read the report
  • Practical report about Empowering results

    Practical report about Empowering results A real application of big data analytics and intelligent solutions to change the way people understand and manage their energy consumption… Read the report
  • A success story. Empowering project and solution

    Empowering project and solution A Success Story The motivation behind setting-up Empowering was to develop low cost energy services based on utility meter data, so every household could easily be reached… Read the report
  • waka waka

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