PI-PLATES: Plataforma de Predicció Territorial

Title Plataforma de Predicció Territorial
Acronym π-Plates
Start date 01/01/2020        End date: 30/06/2022
Program TDA – SmartCatalonia
Subprogram Programa de Teconolgies Digitals Avançades

The Pi-PLATES project is based on the willingness of the Government of Catalonia through the Department of Territory and Sustainability (DTES) to update and improve the technological capabilities of the competent public administrations in land management in Catalonia. A project “Pilot Platform for the Support to the Predictive Management of the Territory and Sustainability” is proposed to demonstrate the feasibility of developing a tool with two components:

(a) diagnostic analysis and
(b) prognostic analysis of the territory’s vulnerability to change factors on the territory.

Pi-Plates website

The new πPLATES solution will be articulated and validated through its application to the following challenges. A first challenge for the improvement of the efficiency in the urban planning of the territory. A second challenge to understand and predict the evolution of the coastline. A third challenge to provide the evolution of tropospheric ozone levels in the medium to long term. A fourth challenge to forecast air quality, and a fifth challenge to determine the patterns of occupation of natural areas for the protection of biodiversity.

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Gencat - Departament de Territori i Sostenibilitat



The πPLATES project responds to the challenge “Territorial Prediction Platform” posed by the Department of Territory and Sustainability (DTES) of the Generalitat de Catalunya to develop solutions within the framework of the SmartCatalonia Advanced Digital Technologies (TDA) research and innovation program (see TDA-*SmartCatalonia Sectorial Plan).

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