DEDALUS – Data-driven Residential Energy Carrier-agnostic Demand Response Tools and Multi-value Services

Title Data-driven Residential Energy Carrier-agnostic Demand Response Tools and Multi-value Services
Start date 01/05/2023
End date: 30/04/2026
Program HE GA ID: 101103998 Cordis file card
Subprogram SC5 – Climate, Energy & Mobility

In the European Union (EU), households (namely the residential sector) represented 27,4% of the final energy consumption. The residential loads often contribute significantly to seasonal and daily peak demand. To support this variation, utilities companies need to increase their generation, in order to avoid interruptions in power supply. Generally, 20% of the power generation capacity is latently available to meet the peak demand that occurs for approximately 5% of the time.

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DEDALUS will design, develop and demonstrate SSH-driven Social Science and Humanities) multi-value energy carrier-agnostic micro (home/apartment) to macro (building & district-scale) participatory Demand Response (DR) ecosystem, aimed to:

  • Facilitate and scale up residential energy consumers massive participation to DR;
  • Adapt to a variety of different mono-carrier (electricity, heat) or multi-carrier synergetic scenarios (electricity vs heat and natural gas) at building/district scale, while strengthening social interactions within respective communities.

To this aim, we will deploy:

  1. A Social Science Framework for multi-dimensional incentives and nudging interventions tools;
  2. AI-based individual/building/districts consumers clustering and segmentation algorithms;
  3. Open APIs for DR ready smart appliances;
  4. Energy DataSpace adaptation for extended DR interoperability and privacy-preserving DLT/Blockchain Data Governance and flexibility coordination;
  5. Digital Twins for consumers-aware DR flexibility planning;
  6. Comfort-based flexibility models and tools for serviced apartments for elderly people;
  7. Flexibility management tools for building and physical/virtual districts energy communities, based on pre-aggregation and shared DR assets;
  8. Optimal aggregation of flexible energy assets for district heating and decentralized power2heat
  9. Business Sandbox with novel sharing economy social innovation-based business models.

DEDALUS solutions will be validated by 5 Front Runners full-scale pilots and replicated by 2 Multipliers in 7 countries, deployed at the interplay of energy, and non-energy (comfort/healthcare, ageing, social innovation) sectors, and operated by different stakeholders (social housing operators, building operators, aggregators, energy communities, retailers/suppliers, DSOs/District Heating Network operators). Capacity building and blueprints will support policy makers and regulators to enable market take-up and EU-wide replication of residential DR.

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DEDALUS consortium partners during the Kick-off meeting of the project in Crete,  June 2023





DEDALUS HE project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Climate, Energy & Mobility

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