e-planet – European public local authorites’ network for driving the energy transition (Español)

Title European Public Local Authorities’ Network for driving the Energy Transition
Acronym ePLANET
Start date 01/09/2021        End date: 31/08/2024
Program H2020 Grant Agreement ID: XX View Cordis file card
Subprogram SC3 – Secure, clean & energy efficiency

ePLANET is a three-years project where in the first year will develop a proof of concept over three regional pilots (Catalunya, Crete and Czech Rep) to ensure the correct deployment of developed tools and to cover the real needs of public authorities in the energy transition. During the following periods, the ePLANET initiative will be extended and implemented along Europe. To ensure the new regions and local authorities’ engagement the project will leverage existing initiatives (CoM and ManageEnergy) in which the project partners, ICLEI and FEDARENE, have a hard influence and very important prior involvement.


One of the principal challenges to reaching targets of the Energy Transition (ET) is to improve the coordination between local authorities and regional governments with the aim to enhance decision-making process, coherence and consistency of the implementation of energy efficiency measures. ePLANET will meet this challenge by encouraging the digitalization of measures and plans enabling an interoperable ecosystem of data and tools supporting energy transition decision making, putting it into practice from the public sector.

ePLANTE builds on an existing infrastructure enabling massive data gathering, making the data and measures comparable and interoperable with existing local initiatives (CoM) and regional/national plans, analysing this data and offering relevant results to key stakeholders. This will support better (more informed, more transparent and faster) decision-making, contributing to improved monitoring and verification schemes. Enabling interoperability across the local and regional authorities to joint application of the energy efficiency measures favouring more efficient use of public spending.





ICAEN - Institut Català d'Energia
Diputació de Girona

ePLANET has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Secure, Clean & Energy Efficiency

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