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BEE Group provides technical and research support in the creation of energy communities & energy-positive municipalities

Rolling out energy communities over legacy urban environments implies several levels of energy optimization, starting from intelligent energy retrofitting strategies, model based predictive control of groups of buildings and ending with optimized and dynamic energy sharing among all the actors and the energy grids. In this work, we address the problem of energy conservation and energy sharing in such an energy community.

Energy Communities & Energy-Positive Municipalities

BEE Group develops technologies to address the reduction in the uncertainty of energy balancing of energy communities due to distributed generation, user behavior effects and heterogenous energy consumption sources. An energy community has the aim of having its energy use not larger than its overall renewables generation over one year period.

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Research projects

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European public local authorites’ network for driving the energy transition

ePLANET will meet this challenge by encouraging the digitalization of measures and plans enabling an interoperable ecosystem of data and tools supporting energy transition decision making, putting it into practice from the public sector.

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EKATE Shared photovoltaic electricity & shared self-consumption - CIMNE BEE Group
Photovoltaic Electricity and Shared Self-Consumption Management

EKATE will demonstrate and develop efficient and intelligent electricity management services through photovoltaic renewable energy generation and self-consumption sharing, using «Blockchain» and «Internet of Things (IoT)» technology.

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