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ENMA, the big data architecture

ENMA is the big data architecture developed by CIMNE BEE Group. A Big Data software which allows to storage, manage and analyse high amounts of information from energy utility companies.

A scalable big data architecture with different components that orchestrate the whole set.

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Scalability and performance

Distributed processing of data local to each node in a cluster enables Enma to store, manage, process and analyze data at petabyte scale.


Enma is resilient – when a node fails processing is re-directed to the remaining nodes in the cluster and data is automatically re-replicated in preparation for future node failures.


Data can be stored in any format, including semi-structured or unstructured formats, and then parse and apply schema to the data when read.


Unlike proprietary software, Enma is open source and runs on low-cost commodity hardware.

The spin-off Beedata Analytics commercialize ENMA

Meet Beedata
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ENMA data source is at Github!

You will find the code and necessary instructions to set up Enma: General architecture and installation, database models, analytical modules and documentation for module developers (Hive, Python, R…)
  • 2015
    The Empowering project
    2013-2015 Intelligent Energy Europe program.
    First version of ENMA was set for the Empowering project
  • 2017
    Beedata Analytics
    Our Spin-off started commercializing the services
    Publised at
  • 2022
    Published at Github v2
    Second generation

The story behind Enma

ENMA arises from our slogan ENergy that MAtters. We found the analogy with Enma, the Japanese name of Yama, the god of the underworld in Buddhist mythology. Yama is the manager of hell who “analyse” acts after a human dies and “takes decision” to fall into hell or go to heaven.

The original big data architecture of ENMA emerged within the EMPOWERING project, which aimed to help consumers to save energy thanks to the information on their meter or bill. It was a co-founded project by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union.

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Empowering customers to save energy by informative billing

01/04/2013 – 31/03/2016

The EMPOWERING project joined 4 ambitious utility companies, supported by an international team of university researchers, social scientists and energy experts. During 3 years, they joined forces to empower 344,000 European households to positively manage their energy consumption. The solutions included several online tools and improving the information on energy bills. CIP (2007-2013) | IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe


The Empowering project has encouraged utility customers to save energy and money by receiving useful information such as informative energy bills and specially designed online tools.