Treballant activament per aumentar la consciència i la tendència cap als edificis d’energia positiva o gairebé nul·la.

Projectes finalitzats

BEE Group ha particpat en els següents projectes internacionals:

Nearly Zero-Energy Building Strategy 2020
The nZEB-strategies of ZEBRA2020 were based on its market tracking, which built on data from the European construction sector, energy performance certificates, nZEB best-practice and scenarios. The strategy was developed and communicated via bi-directional national and international policies and industry workshops and made accessible via an online “nZEB-tracker” based on the projects results and building-databases.
IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe programme

Affirmative Integrated Energy Design Action
The AIDA project carried out actions to develop and promote nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEBs) in the municipal energy roadmaps and in the Sustainable Action Plans (SEAPs). The project involved a large number of territories and municipalities joining 4.936 signatures that commited to implement SEAPs with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions.
IEE – Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

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BEE Group proporciona suport tècnic i d’investigació cap als edificis d’energia positiva o gairebé nul·la

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