Most residential tenants have only a vague idea how much energy they are using for different purposes and how their day-to-day behaviour influences consumption. The principal source of information is their energy supply bills, but these do not provide easy to understand information or useful comparisons about individual consumption and do not suggest any specific actions to reduce this consumption

Our solution

ControlaEnergia is an application that allows users to register their gas and electricity consumption and receive personalized energy advices: comparison to previous months and years, with other users and energy saving tips…

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Easy to register, just need an email

Monitor the energy of your home introducing reading from your gas and electricity meters

Friendly graphics to help you quickly understand your consumption

Learning to reduce energy consumption in your home with useful and practical tips

Get Green bulbs reducing your consumption and entering daily to the application

Position you between more efficient neighbors in your area

Make sure your energy behavior in home is efficient

Check the evolution of your consumption

Save energy in short-term without investment and become an energy expert






The experience said:

“It’s not a big deal for me and there are savings, these are small things that at the end really count…”


To start using ControlaEnergia only requires to register with an email. The friendly design of the application can be displayed from any device with Internet connection.

Start using it:
iOS and ANDROID lower than version 4 on the web application
ANDROID 4+google-play-logo

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ControlaEnergia services tailored to different levels of monitoring whether smart meters or entering readings manually in any time interval, thus does not require the installation of any device, as used existing infrastructure to everyone: Smartphone and gas and electricity meters.

The effective presentation through mobile interfaces makes the user become familiar with concepts often unknown and very important in the management of a dwelling, which will increase awareness of domestic energy consumption and stimulate a positive change in consumer behaviour reflected in energy and economic savings in the short term.

The daily interaction of the users with ControlaEnergia lets them enjoy more benefits and become an expert in the use of energy.

Privacy policy and security

The user of ControlaEnergia is anonymous and sends its data proactively, hence data protection is guaranteed.

Energy utilities take over users’ data consumption and do not provide it in a useful way, hence the use of ControlaEnergia stablish an alternative database that builds a clearer market.

ControlaEnergia is an application developed under the Encerticus project co-financed by the ERDF through the MED Programme

Experience and collaborations



Saving Energy in Social Housing with ICT
March 2010 – February 2013

European project partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community
eSESH involves 33 European partners.

eSESH provides services for social housing tenants and validates/evaluates them in 10 pilots in 6 countries across Europe. More than 5,000 social housing tenants are given access to eSESH Energy Awareness and/or Energy Management Services in the pilots.

The eSESH project aims to design, develop and pilot new solutions to enable sustained reductions in energy consumption across European social housing. This is to be accomplished by providing usable ICT-based services for Energy Management (EMS) and Energy Awareness (EAS) directly to tenants as well as to social housing staff.



Energy Certification, Information and
Communication Technologies for User Satisfaction

Ongoing European project, co-funded by the MED programme of EU.

ENCERTICUS involves 5 European partners.

ENCERTICUS project’s objective is to enable reduction of energy consumption, without compromising living conditions by implementing and demonstrating interoperable and replicable ICT-based energy awareness services. ENCERTICUS Consortium involves 5 European partners from Spain, Italy and France. Energy Management services will be provided to more than 155 dwellings.



Balances European Conservation Approach
ICT services for resource saving in social housing


European project, co-funded by the ICT programme of EU.
BECA involves 18 European partners.

The BECA (Balanced European Conservation Approach – ICT services for resource saving in social housing) project addresses the need to reduce energy consumption in European social housing by a very significant amount to meet overall emission reduction targets. To substantially reduce peak and overall demand for energy and water across EU social housing, BECA has developed a full set of innovative services for resource use awareness and resource management. Balance is achieved by addressing not only energy but water, by including all key energy forms – electricity, gas and heating – and by including strong activities in Eastern Europe as well as in the North, South and West of the EU.



Empowering customers to save energy
by informative billing

Ongoing European project
co-funded by the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme.

EMPOWERING involves 13 European partners.

Within the EMPOWERING project, 4 ambitious utility companies, supported by an international team of university researchers, social scientists and energy experts (13 partners from Austria, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark and France) join forces to empower customers to positively manage their energy consumption. This is done by improving the information on energy bills and by offering online tools. The utilities are providing end users with consumption insight information, to increase their energy awareness and stimulate behavioural changes. EMPOWERING involves 344,000 European households.

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