EDINET – The Energy Data Innovation Network


The Energy Data Innovation Network

EDI-Net assists in building your city’s or region’s capacity to more effectively implement sustainable energy policies. Therefore it is analysing time series metered energy and water data from public buildings, from renewable energy systems and from building energy management systems (BEMNS) in order to reduce energy consumption and to save money. Our initiative can help monitor the implementation of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans or your city’s or region’s local Climate Protection Plans. It can also help set financial budgets for energy and water consumption.

Pilot sites

Three Key Demonstration Sites – Catalonia (Spain), Leicester (UK) and Nuremberg (Germany) – will share their knowledge and experience.


The Government of Catalonia provides over 400 of its buildings, for which detailed energy consumption data exists, as pilot projects, providing access to hourly data for electricity consumption.

Leicester City Council uses an intelligent metering system in over 300 buildings which continuously monitors energy and water usage and relays consumption data via a flexible, low powered communication module to a computer with the aim of identifying wastage, inefficiency and opportunities.

The Nurenberg city energy monitoring incorporates about 700 municipal properties comprising 2,900 energy delivery contracts with the local utility. The 250 largest buildings are monitored closely with the use of an energy monitoring software and regular feedback to the users. 24 buildings with 190 energy meters are currently part of the automated energy monitoring which can already provide half-hourly consumption information.

The EDI_Net Platform

The Platform allows a continuous monitoring of the energy consumption of a large set of buildings. Building area and occupancy, energy resources (hourly and monthly data), Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) or facilities information are some of the data collected by the EDI_Net Platform. The advantages come from the continued use and accumulation of more and more data that permits a better benchmarking and also the collection of EEM lets to evaluate its effectiveness in terms of savings, investments and ROI.

The User General Dashboard or “Table league” gives a quickly read of all buildings introduced, allowing to indentify building effectiveness, or any deviation and correct them.

edinet-platform - General dashboard

The EDI_Net platform – General dashboard

First intended to be a repository where to store the Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) implemented in different buildings of an organization. So that facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of these measures and encourages the exchange of experiences amongst the different users. In this sense the platform allows to select applied EEM, view the application results, as well as the application cost.

Looking at each building card site, an overview of the buidling can be read with key figures of EEM investment and generated savings.

edinet-platform - building card

The EDI_Net platform – Building dashboard

Each building is constantly compared with himself based on its previous years data and to similar buildings in terms of building characteristics or any other classification like building typology or department. Thus, Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) are evaluated for the building itself but the generated data allows to build EEM data base with real data and Key Performance Indicators to suggest measures to implement in other buildings.


The EDI_Net platform – Hourly consumption chart

The building technicians also participates in an online forum where they exchange experiences, feeding or taking advantage of the participation of other buildings.


The Energy Data Innovation Network will make energy consumption in community’s public buildings more visible:

  • by using EDI-Net data analytics,
  • by benchmarking city\’s or public authority\’s public buildings,
  • by spreading knowledge, experience and best practice in the EDI-Net online forum,
  • by peer-to-peer education.

As a partner of the EDI-Net initiative, your city or region can:

  • save energy, water and money by using information from meters,
  • be part of EDI-Net campaigning and networking activities,
  • use information to engage with decision makers, finance managers and building users.






Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in receive more information about the EDI_Net platform or if you would like to implement it in your system administration.

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